Claudia’s work is solid traditional, aesthetic, with no pain and really clean. I appreciate this unique style and her suggestions, so you can easily identify a Piercing or more from her.

"Piercing Beauty Center" – The best Piercing Studios in Firenze – is a nice and quiet place. It’s full of awesome accessories and products for your care. It's a Beauty Center, a Piercing Center and an Accessory Shop at the same time. It’s pretty big with several workrooms for each artists who work here and for each treatments.

Our stay in "Piercing & Beauty Center" was awesome with a great atmosphere and nice people. We’re happy and proud of the stuff we’ve got there.

Beware from similar stores in Firenze and next door shops. This is the best ever! I wish there was a similar Center near my home!!

- Nathalie, customer, Zurigo (Switzerland)
Mrs. Nathalie, [Frontend Officer]